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Panna Cotta served with Maleny Honeycomb, Strawberry Meringue & Cranberry Gel. 

maleny yoghurt panna cotta with cranberry gel

by jamie han

Recipe for 4 people

150ml milk, we use Maleny Milk Full Cream

150ml fresh cream, we use Maleny Milk Cream

100g Caster Sugar

1 Vanilla Bean

2 Titan Gelatine Leaves

300ml Plain Yoghurt, we use Maleny

***Garnish  with seasonal fruits, berries and/or nuts of choice


You’ll also need:

Mixing bowl, Medium Size Jug, Medium Pot, 4 ramekins or glass wear of choice


Step One:
Split Vanilla Bean and scrape the seeds into medium pot.
Combine over medium heat, milk, cream, sugar and vanilla bean seeds and skin. Stir mixture until sugar dissolves and put aside to rest. *Do not allow the mixture to boil.
Step Two:
Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water until it softens, squeeze excess water out and then add to leaves to the warm milk mixture. Stir until completely dissolved and remove the vanilla bean skin. Remove from heat.
Step Three:
Add yoghurt to the milk mixture little by little and gently fold through.
Step Four:
Transfer mixture into a jug an and pour your mixture into clean glass or ramekin dishes. Refrigerate for minimum of 2 hours without covering, until completely set.


100ml Cranberry Juice

50g Caster Sugar

2g Agar Agar (can be sourced from your local health food store)


You’ll also need:

Small pot, whisk, blender or food processor & piping bag


Step One:
Bring Juice and sugar to the boil and gentle add Agar Agar. Whisk in pot until completely dissolved.
Set aside to cool for an hour or two *while your Panna Cotta is setting.  
Step Two:
Blitz the gel, using your blender or food processor until you have a smooth consistency.
Add to piping bag and make small mounds on top of your Panna Cotta


To Serve:

Add seasonal fruit, berries and/or nut’s or to the top of your Panna Cotta. For those looking to make it extra special, try making Pier 33 style Cranberry Gel.