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Milly Hill Lamb Pie with Winter Peas, Falls Farm Carrots & Jus

Milly Hill Lamb & Feta Pie

hearty meat pie with Winter peas

Recipe by Head chef SIMON TAYLOR

Recipe for 4 people


1kg Lamb shoulder/shanks

Frozen Puff Pastry sheets 4-6

500ml Red Wine

500ml Beef Stock

1 Head of Garlic

1 Sprig Rosemary

200gm Fresh Winter Peas or Frozen Peas

400gm Spinach

4 Onions sliced

4 large pieces of Greek Feta

Salt & Pepper for seasoning

1 egg yolk to brush pastry


***Garnish with Beef Jus optional


You’ll also need:

Oven Proof Casserole Dish, Pan, Pastry brush, Two Pots and individual pie dishes/or large muffin trays depending on your preferred size of pie

(10-12cm diameter)


Slow Cooked Lamb Preparation

Step One:

Preheat oven to 180c. Season Lamb shoulder/shanks with salt & pepper, rubbing in to lamb flesh. In a hot pan, sear all sides of the lamb to colour. Deglaze your casserole dish with red wine and reduce by half. Once your red wine is reduced, add beef stock, garlic and rosemary. If the liquid does not cover all the lamb, add water until covered. Place your lid to cover the dish and cook for 6-8 hours until the meat is falling off the bone.

Step Two: 
Remove meat from liquid and place in a bowl. Keep the remaining juice from the meat in the pan as this is what will form your Jus. Meanwhile, once the lamb has cooled slightly, pull the lamb and shred it off the bone, set aside.

Cooking of Pie Mixture

Step One
Finely slice your onions and caramelise in a pan until nice and sweet. Mix the onions, pulled lamb, feta and spinach, reducing the liquid until thick.  Place into the fridge to set.
Step Two
Once it is set, scoop or roll the now set mixture in to balls or mounds.
Step Three
Line the defrosted puff pastry in to your pie dishes or trays. Place the lamb balls/mixture in the middle and choose your pie design (pinching closed the top and sides), set aside so the mix can set.
Step Four
Poke some holes in the pastry with a fork before cooking at 180c. Wait until golden brown, checking every 5-8 mins for up to 25-30mins. 

To Serve with Jus & Vegetables

Strain off the liquid left from your slow cooked lamb and reheat in a clean pan to serve with pie. 
Also serve with preferred vegetables, in this case the winter peas.